Actor/Actress: Rani Mukherjee

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Title/Movie: Raajneeti

FarukRani is very sweet girl. I like her sweet laugh and I like to her acting very much I impresh to you for your drassup. Which is very social.
Fatima khanI think rani is the best beautiful I ever watch in hindi I simply love her. my wish is to meet her one day. than I can die happily. fatima from south africa.
DutyThe position played by rani in kabhi alvida naa kehna is not suitable for her becouse she reasonable actress so that she is not suppose to such kind of nasty role.
AtrayeeI am a fan of you. I like you very much. I love the hindi movie kabhi alvida na kahena and the bengali movie biyer phul very much.
AnasVery Beatiful and I like His Zee Astitva Song Saiyaan Bagar Biya.
MotaherShe is my favorite actress. Every step of lough is admirable. I can extol for her in any place.
FaisalRani Mukharjee is unique in Bollywood. . . she has her own unique personality and Look which nobody else has. . . . she is simply beautiful. . . with pure Hindi touch. . . and Tradition. she is absolutely wnderfull. . . . and . . so and so on. .
SoryHello Rani!I have just one wish:when you will come in Romania?I think you have a lot of fans here and maybe I will can't see you in real life but,you now, is beautiful when the special persons are closer. All my respect for your work and keep your way!
SoryHi,Rani!Is wonderful how for you we started to learn yours traditions,religions and history of India. Now I can say:a greatest people in a bless country with a treasure:Rani Mukherjee.
DeepikaWhat are your eyes and talking. rani your smile is so nice. your are very sweet actress. iam big fan for you. main aapko didi bol sakti hoon. keep similing and take care and good bye.
Malik_adeel9Good acting in his all film. all movies his very beautiful'congragulation rani jee'.
ReaI love Rani Mukherjee i've seen almost every single one of her movies and the list is missing a lot of other songs from her other movies.
SoryThe films of Rani Mukherjee are examples of life,if we learning,tomorrow will be better. Keep your way, Rani!
SoryFrom were you have so much power to be a angel for us.
MontaI want to you be the best super star in the world.
Fan-of-raniRani you have one of the sweetest smile I have ever seen and I love you songs so much. you and sharukh khan look great together, keep up the good work.
Fan-of-raniRani is so pretty and beautiful. I love her smile and keep up the good work. cant wait to see the new movie your gonna come in.
CHINUI love rani, apki sari film mujhe bahut achi lagti hai. Apki smile bhi bahut achi lagti hai. I love you my friend god bless you.
Stephanie Hi Rani I think you are the no. 1 actress in Bollywood keep it up.
Garima I love you didi . I am big ac of you. I want to talk you so please give me your contact no.
ZAINAB KHANHello I m zainab khan from pakistan I live in peshawar city I love rani mujy rani buhat passand hai or ha meri jo big sister hai woh bilkul rani ke copy hai but woh rani sy tura se with hai but really I love rani kia kamal ke acting karti hai kia dance karti hai but woh jis ky sat shadi karahe hai its not good plz rani ap apna zindage kharab mat karo she really beautiful allah os ki har khuwish pura kary bus meri life my aik he arman hai ky my marny sy pehly rani sy mello.
MonikaShe is very sweet actress all over ttttthe world. She has natural beauty.
PinkiRani is the best. I like Rani. She is insperation for my work.
Trupti muntoi love rani. She is juooooost lavishing, innocent and toooooooooooo cute. I love her.
Kaushik GangI am crazy about Rani, I am big fan for her. I wish him to be a top actress in indian bollywood and get all awards for your name, thats it. Good bye and take care.
Zara ShahThis song is so nice and sweet and I love rani so much.
Kirangorgeous and lovely songs.
KkRani is sweetest cutest preetiest lovely hugable intelligent. I wish I have daughter like her.
AkhilJust to say.. keep smiling and take care..... :)
AkhilHi... I m akhil(munna), previously I used to hate u, but after your performence in so many movies, now I like u... and I have just come after waching the movie Laga chunari me Daag... Keep smiling... :) Thanks...
JamilWhat are your eyes and talking.
NamitaRani, u'r smile is so nice. I like u so much. U r the best actress in the Bollywood
AviNobody can meet up to be as good as Rani!!!
MelissaHello Rani, I would like to say that I really enjoy your movies. The way you act in your movies really shows that your into what your doing with all your heart and soul. I always go to my video club and ask them if there is any new movies with you. I have seen every movie that you've acted it and I must say that I was never disapointed. I am not from india, I am from Trinidad but I live in Toronto Canada. My daughter who is five years old, also loves your movies and you as well. She looks up to you and says
Diksha Hello, I am diksha sharma. you are my favorite actoress. your movies are so good. those are my favorite movies chalta-chalta, mujhse dosti karoge,bunty aur babli, saathiya, har dil jo pyaar karega,thoda pyaar thoda magic, kabhi alvida naa kehna. Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye. I love you. gave me back if you can.
SahadeteIf it can be posible also I to have the real email of rani please I'd like so much to talk with her.
SahadeteFor me Rani is the best actress in hole the world and my dream is to see her if it can be posible once in my life.
Mubeena banuI love rani mukerjee very much and I like har dhil jo pyar karega and you look so beautiful.
Princess I love rani mukerjee she is my fav actress I wish I could meet her in my real life.
Chealseauture all the best."
ChealseaHi,iam chealsea from tamilnadu iam ur great fan i just luv watching ur film keep rocking with hrithic.
PoohHi rani,i love u n u r d best actress n a good human being. i watch all ur movies n I m a big fan of urs. just keep it up.
JaspreetHey,Rani u r amazing! u r best. I love uuuuuuuuuuu. Pleez do good movies 4 us and do many movies at a time b'coz we want 2 see u again and again. God bless u.
Saleh oumarhy rani my names is saleh and I am not very tall I have sixteen years old and I wana say you are so beautiful and I like to see yours films every second and in last I wana see your face in my life by rani.
MonaI am just ur very big fan. I just like your style in tara rum pum. bye my real name is rani.
RakibYou r one of the best actress and I like you and ur movie very much. you continue ur movie. I hope you do a best movie. best of to u.
ManRani have a big talent. I like all rani film, because her action is so good.
ShifaShe is charming and easy going actress.
HellenWe happy for rani mukhaji about is engage with salman khan we looking towwars there next film next year and marrige , they loking great with each order I wish them best of luck and happy married life.
HellenWho is mr. rihgt of rani now, we here that is salman khan which year they will married each order.
NelleemaRani ur the best no 1 can b lyke u , ur just soooo unique and gorgeous. Ur my favourite actress and always will be, i've lyked u ever since I was 3 yrs old an d now am 15 love u so much.
s khanjar bachi. war lage ye
NakibHi Rani Your Best Friend Nakib.
WaqasI'm looking for Rani's hindi song video "chelchabili " could anyone plz help me?
shobujThank you Rani for your hot video.
jia aliI like rani songs and I love her sooo much.
syeda reshmaRani is so so so beautifull. I like her lot lot hmmm my family and frds say me that I look like rani.
Rani mukharjeeHar dil jo pyar karega.
Kahi pyaar ho na jayO priya o priya priya tum sa nahi koi priya.
vipulRani mukharji is so sweet
PallabiHi Raniji I like very much coz she is very good and charming ...I love her.
mahaI like rani she is nice
hawari bendidaI love rani mukhergee.
shellyI just love rani movies.. your are the best.
twinkle RANI u r the best-2 actor.
sufyanI love the way you act.
zainRani is dream girl for me god bless u Rani....zain.
laxmi lama hi rani! how r u? I like your all video songs n they r so nice. I m loving it very much n I m fan of urs. I love u very much.
chohannaqashI m good friend ranimukharji.
SANIASHAHRUKH is really really king of actors. When he came bangladesh, he likes.
anonymousrani is are the best actress I have ever seen. She is so beautiful and kind and real. no matter what anyone says, she is amazing. keep up the good work!.
My name is nuraHello rani my is nura from I want to yoú be the best super star in the world I love you to be my friend only 24 year god bless you.
maheshmahesh dhage rani mukharjee song.
mahesh dhagerani mukharjee song chori chori .
HADIZA AHMADwhen are u getting married?
moumita alamShe is a good acctress I like u and I am ur big fan.
RatulRani mukharze vedio play.
Muhammad ImranI love you Rani Mukherjee.
jogahni jogahnijogahne jogahne.
InshaI like ur smile n ur voice, u r hot rani.
prashant soniwho are you?
prashant sonimy name is kk.
Apesshe is queen of the bollywood.
saroshu r soooo cute.
palwasha khanlub uuuuu.....ranu.
АлеУou are so вeatuful I don't know english well, but I hopе to meet you whenever to see you one more time, its mera sapna.tauba tumhare ye ishare, already!
amruta thiteu r really a great actress.. I really admire u.... all d best..
priyankaI m a big fan of you..n I love a lot from 1997.
kavita I like all your movies.
Mubbasher HassanI love your eyes rani.
tonushree I loves all your songs rani mukherjee I am a big fan of cousines too ....we see all your movies....I just want to tell you that I love u.....continue your career and best luck for the next u byebye!!!!
monique deppeIn the dream of your next new day,wake up and realise what a wonderful person you are.You're a winner in my book,miss raniji and the world and I is lucky to have you as a part of it love u mwa.
kiran, bangladesh I love your all hindi movies & you.........
sharonsharon b pattallo.
baani kukrejayou are very sweet I like you.
kritiI like her acting. she have a lot of talent.
sandoI love rani from my heart. I love her eyes & nose very much. I want to meet her once in life. love u very much.
Sana aap bohat achi hai.
neeraj singh lalitpuRani mukharji is so sweet I love rani mukhergee. Rani is dream girl for me god bless u Rani I like ur smile n ur voice, u r hot rani. u r really a great actress.. I really admire u.... all d best.. What are your eyes and talking. rani your smile is so nice. your are very sweet actress. iam big fan for you. main aapko didi bol sakti hoon. keep similing and take care and good bye. I love u so much love u raniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I love your eyes rani. u r soooo cute. lub uuuuu.
siddiqure rahman patrani u r my girl friend.need your mobile no.
moniHi rani, I love u n u r d best actress n a good human being. I watch all ur movies n I m a big fan of urs. just keep it up.
Riz. KapasiUr work is outstanding in every films.
brajesh babitRani, you are genious and beautiful girl.
pragyaI love rani very much aap hume good laghti ho.
hadiqahy I love you sooooo much ur voice is sooooo sweet.
UmairRani, you r so beutifull god luck add tha work.
huma hi, rani is so beautiful and I like u very much.
A Y YRani Mukharjee u 're my best actress n I like ur movies.
Aarti sharmahum tum.
Tees maar khansalman khan.
AkhiRani, I like u very much and I love your all films.
Bharat rathorerani mukharjee is a svit and hot gal. I LOVE YOU may dreem
anjalirani you are the best actress in bollywood, keep the hot dance.
satish sinharani is very sweet girl. anb beautiful girl. I like u so much from ripur [ c.g.].
AJIT&KUKEEI Love Rani Mukharjee, I am just ur very big fan.I like you and your voice.rani you are so 'SWEET'bay.