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Title/Movie: Raajneeti

Ansar aliI Like u Very Much. if u here in Pakistan than I marry with u. I Miss u very Much.
BeboHi bebo mere ghar wale mujhe bebo kehte hain because main tumare jaisi dikhti hun ilove ur eyes plz donot marry saif ali khan ok bye love me also.
Shakira fanI think kareena kapoor is realy cool she is a good actress and has good songs well done kareena.
SameerKarina I love u very much plz u marry with me I m alone with out u plz I m really true lovr of karina if u read this plz ans me on sameer_tanha.
BaquarHi bebo why u did bekini scene , I was deeply hurt, but any way no more fleshy shots.
RidaHi kareena ur so amazing ilike u n urs films ur superb n what can isay ur just hmmmmmmmmmm I hve no words to describe about u. I hve 1 biggggg dream when imet u all bes wishes for u thanx bye.
ShakhasanyHi I am Shakhawat From Faridpur polytecnic Institute,Bangladesh,kareena is best. I like her very much.
PrakashKareena is outstanding and glamourous, SXY too. I am watching her every day.
ShandanHi kareena I like u my english is not good could u pardon me I like jab we met u r very simple in there I don't know what I write u don't lauh to me ok I kiss to u.
KarunaU r a born star!!!u rock every where u go!!i really like ur personality!!! may u always prosper in life!!!bye!!!!
KarunaU r a born star dr,u r always good in all ur clothes,i really like ur personality,no one can replace u dr. . . u rock every where u go!!!!!!!!!!
SoniaKareena kapoor is the most fantastic, beautiful and goood looking in bollywood I like her film Khabi Khushi Khabi Gum I like all her movies which she has done with actors like akshay kumar, salman khan, harithick roshan and saif ali khan Oh kareena you are the best!!!!!!!
Lakhin sharmaKareena ur my fav I love 1 kiss 4 u nd u r so hot sooo slim I hate saif ur okay wd shahid bhaiya he's smart I like film kismat konnection.
HiteshHii 2 everyone, I m kareena's fan n also fan of shahid. and I think they made 4 eachother so I like 2 suggest kareena 2 go with shahid as a life partner.
DansheriI love you bebo. My favourite songs is Aaoge Jab Tum - Jab We Met it's awesome song. .
TasHEY all to kareena fans, my personal opinion is that Kareena is naturaaly beautiful she luks gud without any make up as well as with it. She is the best of ALL THE ACTRESSES.
SimiHaving said like the rest Kareena is beautiful,i think she luks very pretty with her eye makeup, infact alot of my friends say I luk like kareena. But that is not the reason I admire her. Considering her age she is doing a good job in her carrer and I wish her all the best with saif. I think she made a good couple with shahid anyway hope she has made the right choice. kAREENA IS GORGEOUS!!!
Hina 4rm pakI love u kareena nad I really like nd m looking almost like u if u wana see me? den tell me take care.
KareenaHi guys, thank you so much for your comments. My favourite songs when I preforming them were Bole Chudiyan, Deewana Hai Dekho and You are my Soniya. I love you all!!! Thanxs, Kareena Kapoor A. K. A. Bebo.
Your fanMarry with shahid he is the best choice 4 u plz dont marry saif he was already married.
MaahirKarena kapoor you are the top of the actress,your stracture and also your profession.
AmitHiii kareena Shahid Kapoor is the best so I think u have to going up with shahid again,.
YogeshShe is my most favrt actress . she looks superb. wthut her bollywod is incomplete . also shahid n kareena make a wonderful pair. I m very upset wth their breakup. they both were a hot n cute couple.
Rimsha I just love u kareena api I am in class 8 and when ever I am online to internet I always ur pictures and plz api don leave shahid bhai cause he z such a gud man and api plz snd me ur id on dis id I'll b waiting love u sooooooo much.
Deepak Hai kareena, aap ka mauja hi mauja song mujhe bahut acha lagta hai.
Naved. KaziKareena, you are just like an angel. Positive: I love the way you carry yourself and look good with Saif. Negative: Once you get drunk or high you are not the same sweet Kareena. You tend to change your behaviour. More arrogant, rude and disruptive. You did this in Copper Chimney Mumbai. But still you are my favourite. However you are My Dream: Wanna only Hii !! to you Because I know you will never stand me tough I look very handsome. since you are a super star and I m an ordinary Ma
NaooomiiiHey beboo, im realy like all ur films,,bt im v sad u broke cute cute shaahid heart.
MariaHi how r u? why r u not married with SHAHID KAPUR. he is so lovely and u r also lovely. I like ur film of 2007 JAB WE MET. are u friendship with me. if u r friend with me then reply me soon1.
MunirI dont know why I like you. there are so many beauties in indian bollywood but you, you are very very different. nooooo body can match you or compete you in style, simplicity, beauty and I cant say what more. love you munir/mississauga/canada.
KrishnaI Love Kareena, she's my favorite superstar because my cousin looks like her. . . .
SalHey Kareena, I really like your films and I have heard that u broke up with Shahid Kapoor and u gone out with saif ali khan but I think u have to going up with shahid again and he is serious with his life and he is the best so I think u have to make over with him again.
HrudhayShe is my only goddess on this earth. I want to her priest and she is my goddess. If she will agree I will built a temple.
KaranHai kareena tumse kya kehna tum hi to ho mera jindegi ke naina.
Karanwhat can I say about kareena she is outstanding and glamourous.
KaranKareena is my favourite actress and I like her very much for her attitudes. I wish her very success in the bollywood industry. Your loving fan, karan.
Asif Khanhi....u r the best of all...may u always remain on the top.
Zainab what can I say because I have no words to explain that how beautiful she is kareena would you like to tell me some thing are you realy as beautiful as you look in movie I think you will be twice as beautifull as you are un the movies but I just want to make sure that your look can blow out every single person who just galnced at you. Actually forget about guys even girls and I am top of them.I wish you have a life full of joys and net even a drop of tesr show up in your eyes.I ma so sorry if any of mr comme
Zainab nk she is the most beautiful girl in whole world in my point of view she is the miss world cause she has got every thing that a miss world requires. "
NazKareena is my favorite star and I really live her, in fact I love her.
NarendrajenaI like you. I want to make friendship with you.
Narendra JenShe is a mindglowing girl and actress. I ve very much impressed her charming face,sexy charming and I also like her acting
EeshaHi I loved your picture Jab we met Its realy cool. can you please send me your e-mail Id heres mine. please send me your e-mail address
RainaHello, I am Raina From USA. How r u? and I just wanted to say that re-make the movie "Seeta Aur Geeta" because it suits u plz make it before someone else make it.
Soniya ferozshe is da best! I am a real fan of er! does anyone know er ady or mod num? if u do plz tel me!
Amith.S.GHey Kareena, really d movie JAB WE MET was superb the story matches in my life story also but really it was good movie I ever saw in my life this will b ever green in my life will not forget hmmm but one more thing in 1 r the anither way, I lost my GF she got married, she is no more in my LIFE. . . . :( really now nothing is there left to do so that and this nt interested, anyway thanks 4 d movie JAB WE MET suggesstion better u go head with d movie seeta aur geeta it siuts u hmmmmmm regards amith 1419
DamiKareena I love and admire you. I really like you and shahid kapur together.
VrushaniHi! Dearest Kareena,I m a big fan of urs. I know everybody says the same. But I literally love u. i have a big collection of ur photos. I m mad after u. This is known by everybody around me. I like u since ur movie REFFUGE. u r sweet,most beautiful and intelligent. u were exellent in the movie JAB WE MET. .
Sarah John CI love watching her movies coz down here in Nigeria she is among the best Indian actress. I love the way she does her things let her kip it up coz d sky will definetly b her limit nd she has bin destined 2 excel all d rest of her live. 4rm ur fan in Nigeria Sarah john C.
SehrishKareena kapoor is sweet smart and cute girl.
Kareena FanYou can now watch Kareena in two piece bikini for the first time ever. Kareena has given some very hot shots in her latest bollywood film Tashan. She even went on diet to loose lots of weight so that she can look skin thin in Tashan. Anyone knows who is Kareena Kapoor boyfiend now? Is it still Shahid Kapur or is it Saif Ali Khan? Why do people look for fake video? Is there a undressing video for Kareena? any fakes?
AdiHallo! Kareena G u r so beautiful. I like u so so so much. I think I m bigest fan of u. I like ur acting. I like ur smile. I realy love u and want to marry u.
ArzooShe should be more coolest so that she cold be famous and be a super star.
Ujjawal kumaKareena is a intelizent girl. I like kareena's smile.
KanwalHi kareena u r sooooo beautiful I think that I am your biggest fan in the whole world I request that u have to going up with shahid again I love u. pakistan.
HiraU r great and I loved ur film jab we met.
NiznaKareena kapoor is the most beautiful women. kareena u just cant imagine I am the biggest fan of u in this whole world no other fan can love u more than me u r so lovely.
Ujjawal kumaI like kareena , song. my favourte song is mujhe kuch kahna hai picture song. I like kareena's movie jab me met.
Mushtaque What can I say about kareena she is a good girl every one like to her because of his acting.
SarfarazShe is very nice, I like her the most among all actresses, the way she walk, the way she talk, her styles are killing for me, but she has made a mistake by leaving Shahid, He was the best guy for her.
DEVAYANIDont use too much of makeup because you look better without makeup.
PolkaKareena kapoor is d most beautiful in dis world. she is mindblowing, I like her very much.
Dolly Hi Kareena I now you are the best from me,Sangeeta and everyone from Guyana we love you.
Amir janI like u so much and I see ur all pictures u cant bleeve howmuch I like u I have all type of pic in my room love u so much.
NandakumarKareenas natural apperance in movies is outstanding.
NandakumarShe is one of the most outstanding actress which bollywood had ever seen.
SabahI think your a great actres best in the world your my fravourite acter in the world your the best.
firasatYou r so good actors I like your perfomences plz se.
sapnaHye karina, how r u? good job lagey raho love you.
faycalyou vmy brst actor of the orld: please I want to ask you if u r marry or not yet?
furqan mirzaShe a very beautiful gril in bollywood and I like her very much.
HarshadYou are naughty.
RenuHii kareena u r realy 2 hot n sxy bt ur brother Ranbir Kapoor is also so cute n handsome.... U rock in ur all d moves and I luv ur dresing style d most..,love u n ur bro.
saniya jabeenyou are superb kareena and I love you sweety.
ayishakareena baji aap meri sab se achi heroine hen. mujhe aap ka jo gana kasam ki kasam woh mera sab se favourite gana he aur aap saif bhaia ke saat shaadi ker ke bohaat khush ho gi na okz byz miss you 4 ever.
lukmanI admire your pictures with other actors that you took together it is very beautiful and it also looks mesmerizing & intoxicating to the viewers.
roshni chhabrau r so saxy nd sweet.............u act very beautifully u did a grt job in every movie..............
MahekKareena u r 2 cute n the most beautiful Actress in the bollywood. I think ur out of this world.
pooja You are really a rock star in all type of characters.
bellaI love you so much kareena and your films are great, your best films are when you are with shahid and akshy kumar bye.
malikashe is rocking.
talashmasoom cahra.
Abdul RehmanI love kareena. She is the my best actress of the whole world and its aitraz movie is the my best movie.
NaveenI want to touch and kiss your hot lips.
mariyam 4om pakistanI love really very much I miss you please sent me your cell number I am wait your answer.
uroojI love your dance and your styles I wish I could meet you but I can't bye.
Chetan patilHi karina tum saif ke saath shadi karo aur khush raho.
snehalkareena you god to me.
shehriyar 4rm pakisthi beboooooooooo shahid is best couple for u that's all.
BintaI really luv ur life style d way u acted ur roles in films mak me feel proud 2 be among ur fans.
karina kapoorabihi.
ZohaibI love ur all body.
GauravHi kareena.
khushboobebo is a very good, smart and sexxxy lady in bollywood bole toooooooooo jakassssssssssss.
BfKareena kapur.
kennedywow kareena kapoor it all about her beauty she gorgeous actress I love her so much she is chaand ka thukda best of luck keep that no1 place as every one knows she is the highest paid actress in India. Keep rocking.
seemadont marry saif because he is very old.
asiyabebo I love u alot I wana to be smart like u nd I saw ur each movie many times.i had a 1 wish to talk wid u.mind blowing actress u r, keep it up all the best wishes.
Karthikeyan Very cute video song.
sabu zaman guwahati kareena I lyf ur evry songs.
Kareena kapoorZoobi doobi.
Rathod I love u.
Dharmendra solankiGreat actors.
gaversantoshmaddda kudu kareenaaaa .
jackyhello kareena, you are excellent actrees, congratulations.
ReenaKareena. You are excellent. You and hrithik are super star of bollywood. please act with hrithik.
shani budhI like her.
don 2see the video song for don 2 yeh mera dil pyar ka deewana.
usmanI love u kareena m tum say shaadi karna chata ho.
pinky kareena is very beautiful and aap mery jesi lagti ho.
AksShe is so beautiful.
shabbirI kareena. she's my favorite superstar.
aslam Bhattikareena kapoor is the best actoress in the world, her movies are the best she was good performer in the every movie. I like kareena kapoor acting in the best movie ....KABHI KHUSHI KABHI GAM.
Akash Indurkarkareena kapoor is my favorite act is very lovely girl I love u kareena kapoor.
amit shahkarina I love u. may best love,mis u.
roshankareena kapoor is very hot.
nisha karpoorKareena, I love ur songs u and shahid made a sweet couple. I wish I can meet u stars.
praveenI love you and I want to marry you.
karankareena is hot and beautiful as well.
LisnaHi.. Karina kapoo u r so beutiful women.