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Title/Movie: Raajneeti

Sudipto He is a tremendously skilled actor and a brilliant dancer.
SteffyHello I am Steffy. I am a great fan of Hrithik. I love the dance of Hrithik and his look. He is adapt in dancing. I want to meet him. No one can dance like him. I want to say to Hrithik that according to me you are great and perfect dancer and in the world. from-Steffy.
AnshulSoryy that I said shahid more better than u but every body's choices a different and I like shahid so I said it.
Anshul Hey dude. I like u but I like shahid kapoor more than u it means that for me u are very good but shahid is excellent.
MathanHe is a good actor. He is a great hero among all hero. He is a good Dancer. He is a real, hard worker. We should work hard like him not only in the cinema field but also in our real life.
PritiHey, hope u and ur wife r fine. da movie was great. make sure 2 make more. u r the king along with khan. make it rock in bollywood. i'm from u. s. and I love ur movies. ur da best dancer 2. keep it up till ur old. love u.
AJAYI am the fan of HRITHIK ROSHAN he is very cool hero I like him very much he is a very good dancer and dashing hero he is best in bollywood.
SapnaHe is my favorit actor and I die for hem I hope all the best for hem mujhsee bohot pyaar cartahoo great kiss from soussou .
AtalHrithik I think u r the best dancer in bollywood. There are no words to define ur dance&ur acting but for this song expect u credit also goes to Shaimak Taiwar the chreographer.
ManojYou are like hollywood star in bollywood.
Sameer santAmazing & great work by you.
SharonThe first time I saw you acting I fell in love with u, u got beautiful eyes,and the body to go with it hummm. . . you r my fan my hero my everything. . .
NeerajHe is the only daring guy in the bollywood and he is my ideal in physique.
MoonU r very handsome, Dashing, hot etc. DUDE. U r my SONIA. Mujhse dosti karoge?
Hrithil roshmovie ma pream ki dewani ho.
ShahyYou r the best rithik... we all luv u, u are the faviourite actor for all maldivians..
HariEK PAL KA JEENA from KNPH is very good, better, best and what I say about this song, there are no words. Totally i am LOVE this SONG with my HRITHIK BHAYYA.
PriyaranjanHritik u r the real star of bollywood. Hritik rocking.
SimiLUV u Hrithik & all your songs....! Your the best in bollywood...!
MuthuHrithic is very smart and having good body sructure. I always like his dance movement and its amazing to see.
MuskanYou are my fan. You are the best actor in the in the whole Indian bollywood center.
MuskanBest of Luck for your other movies.
AzizThe best actor hrithik. best dancer hrithik.
MuskanThe film Krrish was the best movie of yours. You can do the best acting from all others. You are a star. LIKE YOU VERY MUCH.
SadiaHe is my ideal. I said my mom that I need a copy of hrithic roshan.
RainaHello, I think u should be the KING OF BOLLYWOOD because Shah Rukh's time is over for Bollywood and I don't think I say that u should be because u have everything that Shah Rukh doesn't. BYE!
SamiYou are the best dancer in India.
Khalid AhmadHrithik u r super star...u should be king of bollywood..i love ur all movies... u work is soooo much intresting... Plz if u got chance 2 work in afghani movies plz sign that movie...we will love that..thanx.
PoornimaHis acting is super and he is dancing very well.
ZahraHey I like most of your songs Specily Kaho Naa Pyar Hai am realy like that song and I wanna thank you. bye.
Abhi n pHrithik is an undefeated hero even in awkward situation.
Abhijit n pAs allrounder is necessary in any game, hrithik is allrounder (dancing, acting and presenting) in the world of bolloywood. he is a icon.
Astitva BhasHrithik Roshan Is a Good Dancer And a Dashing Hero. He is also Handsome,Has a Good body. Kya Tum Mujhse dosti Karoge.
BeatriceHrithik Roshan you are my whole family's favorite fan especially my Mum!
shraddhaHrithik is the BEST.
kingshukI am a great fan of u.
IkbalGentle, decent and most stylish bollywood actor.
FatmaHi, im ur big fan.....I jst lov ur eyes dancing its jst wow.
archuHe is very smart and so hot I like it.
KarthikaYou Hrithik! you rock!
jeevanhiiiiiiiiiii, its my first email to you. You are so good that I have made you my best icon.
Zeeshan zebI Live in peshawar. MuJAI PAISO KE SAKHT ZARORAT HAI.
manuI like ur dance.
G.N.Nikhil kumarI think ...Hrithik is the most powerful person for dancing....he has a great potential . Nikhil
mukeshhrithik beta flop film kyo de rhe ho like KITE.
ilanaIn my opinion I like most Akshay Kumar and Bobby Deol (male) and Madhuri Dixit and Kajol (female) as my favourite actors of Bollywood films at all.
nitishik pal ka jeena
Sonia Hey I love u Ritik. U R hot man u about to come new movie GUJARISH. I PRAY ur movie like everybody ur dance amazing. I love ur dance.
akshay satdivehi hrithik main apka bahot bada fan hoon.
AjayHey, Hritik I like ur dancing style. u r indian michael jakson.
akashyou are a good dancer.
s.kumarHi Hritik, I look like you and I dance like you. I am one of the big fan, I like your all movies, even dance and acting specially in Koi Mil gaya, if I have a chance I want to become like you. I love you HRITIk.
bappyI am your big fan but you dont know that I love u.
BibenshiaAll ur films are very nice and ur dancing style also looks very cute. And you are the best actor in the bollywood.. And I m a great fan of u hrithik.
Subhajit mukherjiI think if amitabh ji r called BIG-B, if shahrukh r called KING KHAN so,hrithik(duggu)r called GOD ROSHAN.
rocky fresh & active dancer in universe.
pradeep dutthrithik roshan is a good dancer and also good actor.
mohan b.10Hi roshan i like u r dance style.
vipul sunil chavanHi rhithik, I am your fan. I lick your all dances and acting. I will see you one day this is my wish.
Qijal.panchaI luv u alot when I See u I go crazy, U came in my 20 times. And I hope u came 2 my house. South africa, Durban. plz come . Luv Qijal.
qijal.panchasoo sorry plz dont come 2 my house cos I am moving 2 I dont know where.
jabir kalafe Hrithik , ur goog as shah Rukhan.
pavan kumaru r my favourite frnd I want to u soon yaar would u like to be my frnd & urs dance is best of all.
vishalI love you hrithik plz call me?
HritikMain prem ki divani.
ravindrayou are my real hero.
AmsathI love verry mouch.
Hrithik RoshanI believe I am a reflection of the potential in all of us and if you can recognize that in me, then it is up to each one of you to work hard and in a committed and consistent manner to be what you want to be. I am just a symbol, an artist in the business of selling dreams, the manifestation of one who has traveled the mile to achieve what he desires.
ShreyThese video was very nice Hrithik Roshan.
ShreyHi hrithik roshan bhaiya how are you I loved your movie guzzarish and I love all songs of guzzarish.
somi mithleshI like ur lachak.
KuchhummainaisibatenAap mujhe achhe lagne lage.
gulrej khanyour very hot actor love u.
poleshwaryou r best actor and best dancer.
niraejannew movise all tv channal.
shamiHritik what a star u r great, EXCELLENT, superb in all means.
priyaHRITHIK I LOVE YOU.........
R.AMSATHhindi super star.
vivekI am your fan.
kashwiniI love your songs very much................. I like your mujshe dosti karoge movie.... I like you very much...... bye! forever, kashu....
sunilHe is a good Dancer and a good actor I love his action.
shameena hrithik wow! Its nice 2 write about u. so xcited . I love u so much and my lover's eyes z like u and his name z fazal. u r the most tremendous men in the world yar. Plz act in tamil films...
naveenI like roshan songs.
jagadeeshhrithic your my favorite star ever and ever.
nipu iqbalHrittik you are so much intelligent as a actor, and super duncer. I hope he will go to best place in hollywood within five years.
avneeshplease add ritik roshan latest film songs.
Manish kumarhrithik roshan ji I am manish kumar . your all films shee ilike you . I am your fan good bai manish gupta.
Ajay%...Your acting&dancing style is too beautiful..% ~ I like it too mutch~.
jyotiyou are so sweet.
khoshi from Iranu are like God in kites and guzareesh.your face remind jesus and uzarsif.
UJJWALYou are best dancer and I like your dance too much.
Ashik khanHi hrithik I love you love you sooo much I like ur acting very much all kerala hrithik fans waiting for ur krrish 2.
Abhishik khanHi hrithik. Iam big fan of you. Your kites acting is very super. You are real super star of bollywood . Keralam state 90 present your fan we are waiting for your filim krrish 2.
GURUhe is a very good actor and a better dancer. I like him. His best movie is knph.
purnima.............hritik is so so sweet..................luv u so much..............u are so cute...........very cool guy...............
chiruIam the most most most most most most most big fan of you my hero hrithik roshan.
ShAzAib AfridiI like ritik roshan best dancer ritik roshan.
rashmeet kaurhi, I m ur big big big fan.......god bless u .
Hansiyou are the best act in the world.And the supper dancer.I wish your all your Success.Best of luck Hrithik roshan.You are the supper star in bollywood!
Shailen bhumijanHrithik ur dance is good. I love ur dance. Main aap ke jaisa dancer banna chahta hon.
Husain dawdiHrithik you are my ideal.
whidahe is my favorite actor,in my life I want to meet you because you are handsome actor bollywood.
ruthI like u and ur movies. I wish u luck in ur life and may u have all the joy and fun in ur live to make ur live happy.
Brayain derick We wait dhoom 3 jast for a long time...what are wait for..please do it now.
Govind gauravHe is really best dancer of india. Girls like his dance track. He is my and my girlfriend's favourite.
Siraj FajarYou are one of the best dancer in India. We love your way of dancing, acting, and your hair also.
NitinHrithik U dance is best.
Govind gauravI like hritik as my sweat girlfriend.
priyagopalI liked u only in kaho naa pyaar hai ,so innocent face .i like u being innocent u r so sweeet .live long life.
balawow............. really hrithik is fantastic actor................. I like your movies very much...specially doom2..........
PriyaU r a splendid what a amazing look.I Like BUDDY U.
samiayou are very very cool boy.i like u.
kannikaI LOVE HRITHIK.. He's my heart and soul.. Am the biggest fan of him.. no 1 can love him as much as I do.
RishaniYou are My favourite Actress. I like to see your hindi films. I wish you all the best.
sameer khanoutstanding.
mayuri patelur great dancer dear.
Seema LiaquatHritik is a best actor ,best dancer her personality is like a refresher he as mature actor.
VARUN MADAANHI Hrithik Bhai,maine apki har movie dekhi or I like alot lots or aap sbse achhe muje dhoom 2 mai jo white wala long coat phena hi. I love that dress waise toh aap ke upar har dress achhi lagtai hi kyn ki kabhi kabhi mai apki terah try karta ho kuch naya pahane ko but kabhi bhi mai apse apni life mai mila agar apne chaha toh mai aapse apki ek dress lene chahonga or muje pata hi aap mana nai karoge kyn ki aap dil ke bhauat saaf ho or 10 jan ko mai hemesha yaad rakta ho
jawadpa g tosi gart oa.
arafat kabir hi hrithik I love all of your songs which you have performed and will be performed in future. I am one of your big of luck.
tirumalhrithik is superb star I like his charming action.
Hritik roshanCrazy-4.
Shan khanI am big fan of you. My all freinds are your fan.
SudeHey Boss why r u 2 much emotional yaar? what is ur nxt challenge?
RajeshHey, HRITHIK you are a good dancer, I Like it,& you are my girlfriend`s best actor,
veekeshhrithik I wish to god that u will reach on the top of sky.
Kaho na pyar haiEk pal ka jeena.
IshanHey HRITHIK you is the best dancer in bollywood. I am a great fan of u.
SIMMI GILLHUM TUME CHAHTE HAI AISE MARNE VALA KOI ZINDGI CHAHTA HO JESE. nobody likes u in this world not just because of ur acting or dance but for ur extreme pourity on ur face when u perform I always wish for u I forget everything when I see u I never want to meet u in this world because after that how can I live without seeing u.
AwaisI like your film muj se dosti karogi,.
ergan khanvery fantastic.