Video: Kareena Kissing Shahid Kapoor in Jab We Met

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Kareena Kissing Shahid Kapoor in Jab We Met MP3 Kareena Kapoor Misc songs

ShahidGood Pair plz come back kareena to shahid.
Imran khanI like sweet kareena and want to meet him as soon as posibale but do'nt like shaid kapoor.
Amir alamSweet kareena salaam I m ur fan no1 and want married to u plz accept my request. GOD BLESS U.
SameerKareena my name is sameer and itold you some thing becouse I love you karena I love you with my eys.
RohitI think you should come back with shahid kareena saif is very ugly and he doesn't looks better than shahid. .
Wasim khushiKareena kapoor is my best best acters I like it kareena and shaid kapoor with kissing calip. .
Priya Kareena is not good girl then she is not in shahids life then he is beeter in his life becauze she has no maners then she is in saif life this is very good .
JeniferHi iam jennifer winget from starplus I was like u shahid but now I ear u kising kareena her lips I dont like kareena because she forget u and she is gone with saif soooooooo I hate sooooooooooooooo much saif with I like kareena and ur jori.
ERUMI like kareena and shahids jori. Please come back kareena for shahid. Saif looks very very bad.
ErumThis scene is very nice.
ShrutiI love you kareena -n- shahid plz patch up urs relation you the most cutiest -n- my favo jodi. ilove u both. . . . . . . .
KuntalHe. . u both guys luk dammn gud wit each other yaar. . n shahid I badly hav a desire to kiss u yaar. . . jst wanna suck ur lips once. . n kareena u no to kiss grt. .
KajolI just love the way my sweet-heart kiss KAREENA I love her 2 but not more than him keep up the good work you b.
DenchenI like kareena and shahid kissing not with salf.
ShahidI like song so much. I like kareena and shahid . I suggetion kareena that please come back for shahid. Plese accept my request.
MemoonaI love u SHAHID!!! love ur lips so much I just want 2 kiss on them.
NaveedI like this kissing seen it is very beautifull and hot couple.
ZubairI love Kareena And Shahid. Kareena Is My Best Actoress I just love her And This Kissing Scene.
Zubair KhanI love Kareena because her lips are so beatiful and Kareena always looks like a very happy person. God May bless her.
SanjuSaif is older than you and he is already married so Sahid is suitable person for u.
SanjuYou both were looking so nice couple in jab we met so I think we were made for each other.
AaniHey cmn curreena ur kiss ias so hot ithougt I was kising thanks forleting me to feel shahids lips wow .
Sanjana This scene is very nice. I love u shahid more than me you are my sweet heart saif does n looks good come back to my shahid.
Sanjana I love you this scene is very nice. I love u shahid more than me you are my sweet heart saif does n looks good come back to my shahid . ilove u shahid kapoor.
David josephThis sogs is nice,and ilike the to repeat it nest time.
LalitaNice job. . . . and I'm not gone judge u for what happen between you and shahid becuz I really don't know what exactly happen between two of you and it's not right for me to say anything bad to you like other bitch did. but over all u know whats right for u it's your life girl. . . . don't listen to any body about the shit that they saying. .
faisalI like sweet Kareena and want to meet her as soon as posible but don't like Shaid Kapoor.
Unknown DesiI LOVE YOU Shahid.
Bipul vermaI love u kareena... u r my life..., u r my god.
Jasleen JudgeHi Kareena how are u? I am a huge fan of (Jab we meet) as I saw the movie 100 times. This is bec u and Shahid look awesome 2gether. I really thought u would last longer always miss u, keep up the good work.
Iqbal shidhiqSahid I am your big fan in the whole country, mere freind banoge plzzz call me cellphone no.
waseem plz mp3 song video play ok.
Avinash Hi kareena I'm yr fan no.1 & I think my favorate jodi is Kareena-Shahid. So please come back with Shahid.
giriVery good hindi songs.
shani budhI like kareena because when I see her I remember someone.
RadheyKareena m tumahara liya jaan da dunga bus tum mujhe ik kiss do.
attaullahma ap ko buhot chahta ho.
NavinI love this kissing song between sahid and bebo.
shakirI like.
ishiu guyssss were really looking goooddddd.
sunnykareena is vary hot girl. I like her .............
Tahmeed.Hi I like kareena u so much ur all styls r too good and sweet I love u and want to marry with u.shahid z good 4 u aftr me.
TipuI realy love u. I do not want to write something besides this.
ashishI like sweet kareena and hot kareena safe is not you .
ihsanulhaqkareena is the most beautiful actress in bolywood. plz call me in my cell I live in pakistan.
ataakareena I love you bebo you are so cute, so simple you are my heroin.