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Title/Movie: Bhool Bhulaiya

EditorBhool Bhulaiyaa is comedy based horror film. The story is setup in small town in interiors of India. Newly wed Siddarth comes from US and is welcomed by the family. The couple insists on staying in the old mansion which is resisted by the family members. They find unforseen situations, mysteries, horrific, and life threatening incidents and have to do something. Akshay Kumar is called in to solve the mysteries. Bhool Bhulaiya's main cast include Akshay Kumar, Vidya Balan, Paresh Rawal, Shiney Ahuja. The fil
RameezVery good combination of suspense horror and comedy, fantastic job by akshay and vidya.
Vishalbhoolbulaiya is a very nice movie.
SarchYou did such a good job working on the Movie.
Rahulbhul bhuaiya ne hamko bhulaya
M ali.They did a fantastic job.
DHIMANI like the film good combination of thrill and comedy.
HASNAIN ALIIt is an amzing films with great musis. It is the best film from my point of view.
AnitaWhere r the songs--- "Ami je tomar" & "Laboon ko"???????
Rahul NeogiPlease show the wordings of the song.
Arun KumarPlay the bhool bholaiyaa.
RiyaI want mere dholna song and the tube should not stop inthe middle.
DwarkeshBhool bhoolaiyaa is such a nice move vidhya doing very well.
KshamaIt is the best film of this year in all aspects.
Chamar ramHumka bhool bholaiyaa gana sune ka hai.
Prasant kjrVidya balan swows her tallent here.
AyushiThe Song Is Mere Dholna Is mind blowing because it is cllasical and Kathak Wise Song.
Gouranga SunI like this songs teri ankein Bhool Bhulaiya.
ShahzadI like this songs teri ankein Bhool Bhulaiya
Abhishek The best combination of comedy and thrill. Really amazing. I like this movie very much and I have seen this movie 10 times. Akshay kumar acting is superb.
Prova kumarBhoolbulaiya is a very fantastic movie. I like all the songs.
NitinLike this songs teri ankein Bhool Bhulaiya.
Mansoor Not a good film except one song haray rama hara y crishna.
AsharIt is a very good film it gave us many morals.
Saurindra BhThis song is my one of the favourate music.
SuraHare ram hare ram
Dil to pagol haiVideo song
ShashiI want mere dholna video song.
snehaI loved this movie a lot.
AkshayBhool bhulaiyaa.
Akshya kumarBulbuliya ke hits songs.
RudraLabo ko labo pe .....This song is not appear.why?
Raviakshay good song.
Mere dholanaMere dholana.
ChandanI like this movie ,but where is song laboon ko laboon se...
G.S.Bhatimere dholna sun is amazing song.
Raza Ahmed ShahzadVidya Balan Is Most Scary In his Cloths And every were. and Most Of things that I couldnt see at all. This Movie Is Scary so far.Akshay Kumar PLease Help Me. I always be there with you . Raza.
komalplease show me the script of this song mere dholna.
jimmy johnson cleetuakshay kumar rockz in this song.......he is the one of the great actor in indian film industry.
AarohiFrom my side this is very beautiful pic based on the old people thinking culture and rules.
shona patelaree kya movie h yaar!
Swarnali palI lv mere dholna sun song.
Bhul bhulaiyaHare krishna hare ram.
nandu sayanamust action of akshay.
Deepika thakurAkky ur so cute and comedian.