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Dard e discoI like sharukh six pack abs.
ZaheerThe movie is awesome. Deepika is having a very cute face and a good personality as well keep up the good work.
PriyankaMovie was very good & Deepika looks coollllllll.
Bunty...srk is the best..and deepika you are so are my fav. from this film ....I love you deepika...take care.
GinikaI like this movie for its songs..Otherwise also its star cast is very nice.
FahadThe best shahruk khan in his full mood. The movie is just pleasure to watch, lots of greeting to you from me theeeeee best shahrukkhan in om shanti om.
Ishu vermaThis movie is fantastic, This is the super hit blockbuster of the year.
Ushna hi .... I did'not saw the movie... but songs were gr88888 ..... very romantic songs ... & I hope the movie was also romantic ..... thanx
JapdeepHEY! that movie is fantastic . DEEPIKA is tremendous. this is nice. that's-tremendous, awesome, brilliant, great job, mind blowing, amazing, fantastic.
SathishVery good songs and very good direction.
Kushi, RitikThis is a good movie but I think shahrukh khan ko pure kapare phennai chaiye thai.
HamzaMind blowing movie hai main nay 3 bar dekhi hai.
Rana Anas Maine film dekhi hai bohat bohat achi hai jitne bhe taarif keru kam hai wo is liye k I like shahruk khan songs bohat acay hain her ches bohat achi hai ok byeeeeeeeeeeeeee hmmmmmmmmmm hehehe ^-^.
RaafiaSrk surely rox!!!nd this new girl gorgeous is she!!!OSO is an award winning film undoubtedly. Three cheers to farah khan for this wonderful film.
Jeeiathis movie is the best ever yarr SRK,
DrishtiI watched this movie twice! My favorite song is Dard-e-disco! I am #1 Sharukhkhan fan! I have watched most of his movies. Deepika is sooooooo preety! The video for Dard-e-disco is my favorite! Drishti Sharma loves Om Shanti Om!
SakshiI love the song main agar kahoon
Shaishav It's a nice song and a very romantic song. I love 2 hear the song and I enjoy a lot and I love deepika. shaishav
Vickymaine film dekhi nahi. per gane bohot ache hai, pasand aye.
Om Shanti OmIt is a nice movie and block bluster of 2007.
Tare Zameen Perhaps the best movie of 2007.
TuSSharIt's one of the fantastic movie of the India.
SaqibFantastic Movie. Excellence of acting by SRK. he is a great actor infact.
SajidI love the movie om shanti om and my favourite song is Ajab Si.
WicksonMovie achi thi lekin mujhe end acha nahi laga.
MathansHi I just think that om shanti om roks I just lov all the songz and deepika is so preeety! I think sharu deserved to play the role and arjun rampal looks good playing the bad guy.
Irfan VirkHi I am Irfan Virk from sheikhupura pakistan and I want to hear this song again and again. it's my toooooo much favourite song and I love it.
Irfan VirkActually I want to dedicte this song to my lover. I love her very much and can do every thing for her. This song has all my fellings that I want to share my lover.
SachinSo far like the moive my favourite song is om shanti om sharukhan you rock dude.
Shalvi patelIt's a nice song and a very romantic song. I love 2 hear the song and I enjoy a lot and I love deepika.
SumitShahrukh is the king master in the film industry.
Syed mehboobIt is the best movie. specially the charecter of shahrukh khan is the best.
ShantiHey , OM Shanti OM was like the best movie ever in indian lauge. I'M just realy want you to make a OM Shanti OM 2 . don't you think thats a grate idea.
Rana khanI like SHARUKH KHAN by my heart & OM SHANTI OM is my best movie by him. . . . . . . .
AkhilIt is a good film, we can watch several times. maine film dekha nahi. per gane bohot acha hai, pasand aye. i think om shanti om is best film ever I throwly enjoyed and deepika padukone is so so so beautiful keeep working like that and win thousand of people's heart as you did mine. Bye and God Bless You.
SonuI like the song ajab si and jag soona soona laage which which was very good th hear and to see.
Mai agar Mai agar kaho tujsa koi iss jahan mai hai he nahi.
AaloukIt's a nice commdy flim.
SuhasIt's nice combination of old n new .. its nice way to reduce generation gap.
EditorFor some dreams one lifetime is not enough. Om Shanti Om is a story of Om and Shanti. The story starts in 1970s. Om and Shanti are in love with each other but Om dies and takes rebirth. Om searches for his 70s love when he becomes an adult in the new life, but Shanti is now in her middle age. Shahrukh Khan is presented in this movie with a different look. Om Shanti Om is directed by Farah Khan. The main cast is Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Arjun Rampal, Kiran Kher, Sheryas Taipade, and Bindu.
SanjayVery good sweat song nice one from the movie.
ArslI like it. New video songs r not avilable on any other site.
Emran ZiaShahrukh Khan is the king of Cinema! Best of luck brother.
Jitenderthis movie is very nice. I like all charactures. but arjun rampal played very nice roll in this movie.
KushiThe film is mind-blowing...i genuinely liked it! by the way I was really impressed by the new comer, thats Deepika, who was fantastic and awesome...both SRK and Deepika have done a great hats off to them and of course to Farah Khan also. they r all keep it up! I love u SRK...U r the best!
Chandrakala main agar kahoon is my favorate song and also sonu`s voice is very very nice daily three or fours time I hear this song. My favourite song is main agar kahoo thusam hasi.
Mangat saw the movie last night. It was amazing. All actors were so confident and Farah khan Please be nice to Sharu khan because from next time if you give Sharu khan beacuse he is one of my favourite actor.
NitinDeepika is beautiful in the movie.
KarthikaLovely entertaining film and I enjoyed it very well.
RausheenI want to see the preview of om shanti om songs.
VilasYanna Rascala Mind it ?srk acting as south indian? simply the best.
MukramLove u srk om u rock if any other actor had been act it was flop but srk it's hit love u srk u r the king of the world iam ur fan by kabi ha kabi na I thnk tats true it's my real story I love u I behave like u and every time joy happy and I love u srk sir.
DeepakVideo of texi no. 9211.
Trupti Maine film dekhi nahi. per gane bohot ache hai, pasand aye. The songs were fantastic, I like the song deewangi in which 31 actor are this is super hit film.
VidyaYo never seen this movie but think it's rocken bye baby.
Ahmed AmeerThis is wounderful film from shahrukh khan and acting from deepika is also very respectable.
RamyaI love the film om shanti om. It was wonderful. I like the song main agar kahoon.
SachinI love om shanti om because I liked the songs and the part when shahrukh khan and deepika padukone were dancing along beautifully.
Kajal,sachinI love, love sharukh and deepica so much I think you make a fine cupell.
Ramya I had lots of fun watching om shanti om. deepika was very cute, shahrukh was cool.
ShivaniThis movie was very good. The songs were fantastic, I like the song deewangi in which 31 actor are this is super hit film.
Afghans rokHi I just think that om shanti om roks I just lov all the songz and deepika is so preeety! I think sharu deserved to play the role and arjun rampal looks good playing the bad guy.
SarvjeetSharukh Khan In this movie looking very hot and smart. I am a big friend of Sharukh. I want to meet him as a uncle friend.
PriyamchakraI have seen this movie. I am very pleased to see this amazing. suresh talpade's acting has been attracted me very much .
AlamIt is good movie. It is really worth seeing movie. shahrukh is the my favourite hero. shahrukh is the badshah of bollywood.
AlamIt is good film I have watched this film many times. It is good combination of comedy and action.
Shamima AkhtI have ever seen a fantastics hindi movie in my life! shahrukh and deepeka looks gorgeous!
SayonaraNice picturization & thrilling turning points.
SayonaraTouching , colourful & rhythmic songs .
Nigarish I think om shanti om is best film ever I throwly enjoyed and deepika padukone is so so so beautiful keeep working like that and win thousand of people's heart as you did mine. Bye and God Bless You.
Zalma yousufI love the om shanti om deepika is so cute and I am 8 years old.
Vidhu saxenaPlease show some clippings of this movie.
rajan jamwalSharukh is having unique personality and I love him.
IftiqarOm shanti om is a good movie and has very romantic songs and I enjoy a lot and I love shahrukh.
RohitOm shanti om is my favourite film 4eva really mind blowing film, the best film in my life.just madly love it. .I have watched 7 times really. Love you SRK.aapko bohot shubh kamnaye.
Deepak Senapati,BDKHi,Shahrukh U r real.
Dil se 3gp video song chaiyya chaiyya
semran98depika padukone is very beautiful in this film.
dip khanI liked these hindi songs very much.
nijilkoorachunduI am a great fan of SRK. my problem is I don't have so much pictures of srk. please give me some pictures of SRK.
kamranI lov d movie om shanti om as sharukh is my favourite hero and I'm his big fan. I love his acting.
praveen tiwariom shanti om is very interesting movie, kingkhan and deepika have very important role this film.
rahil khan I really like srk romancing film.
Dabbangt87@ovi.comI love you & ur songs.
ashishv good films.
shakir-kashmirmy fav. movie. . . I love . . . . .
ThofaI like shahru and Deepika.
p.n.ahirmaiagar kaho.
Kamlesh SolankiSong daunlod karna chata hu plaz.
Aamir from Pshawar.PI love SHAHRUKH wah kia damdar unforgateble acting ki hai ap ne,and om shanti om is my favorite movie.
asmaall songs of om shanti om its too good and nice I like all the songs very much.
shalama I love it.
B.h.gagal from atalnSahewag is the bombblast batsman.
Mai agar kahouAudio.
m nurdin ini sngat mengarukan sampai aku terkagum sama filem ini aku pengen tayangin lagi dong.......sahrukan .
BasheeraThis song is the most sweetest song I ever heard and I realy love the song.
JabirMaine ye film dekha mujhko bohath accha laga sharukh ki akting bahoth accha hi.
RoshanGive me da song plz.
shabyall songs r nice. I love the song main agar kahoon.
prabha.nI like this film much.
JavedOm Shanti Om is good movie.
M.AzamThe song is very beautiful.It's music is very wonderful.It has charming video.
sanoj shahit was a very nice video.and I love this video.ok BY BY.
Sandeep rajFilm dekhne layak h aur aachi v lagi.
Main agar kahoonDownload this video.
ArjunArjun 3gp songs.
vijay srk im the junior srk and I love u.
yunuskhanI luv u shahrukhan u are the best super star I wish u long life.
thatshaI think om shanti om is a mind blowing direction by farah and it was well played by king khan and deepika padukone. I really enjoyed watching this movie it was great.
nayazI had interest about listening the songs of om shanti om.
swathiexcellent block boster movie.
sajithanice movie... very good story. deepika is so cute in this pic...
Anjum Hayat KhanVery nice movie.
PulkitAisi story to bus films me hi hoti hai.
SheriThe movie was the best one and Deepika looks like an angel.
SajidaAjab Si is a lovely song. And the :( version I was crying like I've lost my parents. Anyways Shah Rukh Khan good luck in the next movie.
Sajida:)Very good songs,very good movie & very good direction.
parvinthis song is amazing ;mind blowing;;;!!!superb;; thrilling!!!!!!!!.
prince srivastavathat is a very intresting movie and very romance ful movie.
devan hell boyROMANTIC FEELING love symbol of god.
gulyathis movie is the best i've ever seen. İ do not have any words! it is fantastic.
Madhu balaSuperb and charming.
silamind blowing songs of om shanti om.

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