Video: Soni De Nakhre Sone Langde

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Soni De Nakhre Sone Langde MP3 Partner songs

Sumit SainiThis song is very nice and his dance is very good and I love katrina dance.
NizamIt is a fabulas film I am big fan of salman.
Pankajit stops several times the video.
ShalahuddinGovinda is a good actor.
Anju SinghThis very loving song Iheard this song at least 6 time in day.
SoniaLove lyrics and picturitation.
Muzafar I like very much this song and katrina kaif I love u.
RaviI like this song but my farovite is katrina kaif.
PrashantI love katrina in this song video.
Sonia.....I love you govinda....u rock man.....
MATADAR ASIFThis song is very charming.
MA.TADAR ASISalman an govinda are well dancing.
DakshI love Very much song & his coreography.
ShivaniIt is stopping in the middle.
AratiI love soni de nakhre song.
GurpreetGood lyrics and good wordings.
Vinayits one of the best songs of mine.
AvkashMastifull song to dance with masti.
NeelyGood song. fun, makes you want to get up and dance.
Pramit vyasLovely song. I like this song but my farovite is katrina kaif.
RajIt's song is very populer and a big publicity.
Ismail hashmiU r very funny I like ur all moves.
RanveerThis song is very funny.
sankarI luv katrina.
PravendraI am fan of amir kham.
irfan aliSoni De Nakhre Sone Langde is a beautiful song.
nilesh tidkeSong is very nice and dancing for katrina ,govinda and salman khan.very nice dancing .