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Jane Ja Janeja MP3 Zeher songs

PushpinderI like his acting as kissing .
RaheelI Love you Emran Hashmi lagey raho.
AniruddhaThis song touched my heart.
priantaI love u .
pashabest song.
vimal I want downlod thisss song.
dhartiJane Ja Janeja is heart touching song and I am ur big fan for ur's.
Junaid MirzaEmraan u r rocking yaar, I like ur acting n ur songs expressions wow emraan u rocks yaar.
samshuI really like Jane Ja Janeja.
ravinderI like ur style.
farhan quadridashing song it touches my heart....
mabeelimran r really good star like it every pepole.
Injamam ul HalderImran bhai you my best actor.Agar ap ladki hote to main apko sadi kar leta.You are the best actor in tha world.
ram agarawalimran hasmi is hansum good looking etc his lips r made for kissing only which ever movie he did there is one kiss compelsary u r very very sexy u r body is just out standing which ever giri sees feels to kiss etc.
Md. Alim KhanI Like your acting.......
tahir zaman Jane Ja Janeja my best songs.