Video: Hrithik kisses Aishwarya

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Hrithik kisses Aishwarya MP3 Dhoom 2 songs

RahulKiss imagine karna hain kya very good very romantic I love scene.
ManishShe is one of the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen.
Mohsi ShahidI Like It Very Much This Song. By (Mohsin Shahid) Shama I Love You.
BradleyIt is so romantic and it's amazing.
KajalI love you Aish very much and Hrithik.
Sara Aman kuch to sharam karo aish or hrithik.
Papry She is beautiful, but it was disgusting when she kissed him.
Arshimujhe nind ane lagi par cilp abhi tak start nahi howa...bouring Zzzzzzzzzzz!
SafiIt is just wonderful and cool I really love it for me I just love whatever ma big brodda, role model and bestfriend hrithik does.
MishiHey hrithik u rockd on aish... Aish is beauty.
Churailvery good, very romantic, I love this scene.
MishiAbhishek must jealous of hrithik. As aish must marry hrithik.
GreyIt was so cul. no sooner I went to my gf for such a kiss.
AmanVery nice scene.
Unknownaish ur very gandi I hate u tum paisun ke liye apni numaish karri ho shiiiii, waise kiun karti ho ye sabachi ho to acha kaam karona.
SandyI guess This iz too much.
DanIt is so cooool, but not enough to Hrithik....he may wants to eat some more.
Unknown Hey aman tumhe ye scene acha lga? han tum bhi wahi gande taype ke ladke ho tum jaise ladkon ko na sari ladkiyan mil ke marna chaiye I hate boys.
AshwiIt was disguisting but romantic.
SheenaIt was very very disgusting.
AkashIt was disguisting but romantic.
Rosewell they both were disguisting.
Harshaish i luvv u. Will u marry me? pleaseeeeeeeeeeee.
Mohitosh Good but where is the song.
Sachiaish is so beautiful. But she should marry sallu.
Unknown Zara bhi sharam nhi hai inko tuh.
BibbyWe for starters it was cool the film and wow they both surprised me but the films is very authentic.
FairyIt really didn't suit her.
AkanshaThat was excellent I think this is wat made the bachchan family angry. . . . right????
anuyou both rockzzzzzzzz its awesome.
prakashHrithik why u kiss Aishwarya rai?
amitIf they kiss each other without clothes than this scene can be more romantic.
kakaae ki pan yaaki te nokri paki.
BJMJJPeople always kiss! Why is it disgusting? What a sincere display of love. There is nothing more natural and beautiful. Wish it was me kissing Hrithik! He is so handsome!
Yasir doggarSharm kro...hmey ye dikha kr kyn tarpatey ho?
arinaash should not with hrithik.abhishek was very sad.
PriyaI love hirtick roshan and also I love this picture.
malik saifytooo much romantic.
BuntyVery hot.
DamsalWel naturally I think it was a very romantic scene. Hrithik keep it up u like stealing hearts and u ar gud at it.
SantoshI love this song.
Rajeshhmmmmm kya baat he aish? I like it.
DxIts good, but I wanna see Aish to kiss Hrithik.
RosanSuper'b I like you.............. Hiritik.
Qasaaye17I love u aisha & hrithik your fast kiss and I wish I am the last aisha kiss somalia up.
Qasaaye17Aisha I love u and I want to marry I love u moredan the sea water high the sky strong the elephant and will contact u us soon us bossibolle good lucky.
Arjun Rampal I love Aishwarya.
Mayuri Aish you r so butiful and great heroin too. Abhishekh and u both r made to each other. I love u muuaah.
SANJAYaswaryarai & hritik kiss is beautiful and romantic.
se vampireits nice .totally romantic.aish and hrithik should have married.
dhoom againReally perfet performace.
toluI love both of them....kiss kiss...