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Dhoom Again MP3 Dhoom 2 songs

DillipThis song and it's dance is so much energetic.
Prateek_coolI can dance better than hritik on this song.
KaviyaHirithik realy rocks no words to say to express his dance .
PRAVIN P.Hrithik dance in this song is very best as like as ritun michael jekson. This dance is very hard for watching.
Sumanth RajHi was at this best in this one, simply Outstanding
PankajRitik make this song a memorable song for every dance lover person. He was dancing very well in this song.
AnkitaI simply luv hrithik in this song n f course the movie vas brilliant!
AveshHritik has made his own identty in Hindi film industry where the Khans are ruling.
MyriamedhaneHrithik you dance like crazy it so amazing youare great in dancing & I like the song.
SafiU were looking fabulous it was just fantastic so be rest assured cos u did a great job and can do better I wanna shake hands with u but I know it is not possible but I wont lose hope in meeting u one day and I wish u could just write to me cos I have so much to tell u. please just write to me even if it is just once my whole family loves u so much.
SafiOnce again I am writin it hrithik is just unique and will be always I can even die for u, so please dont mind da people who are saying bad things about u just consider that lies cos it is not true I really got angry after seeing wat some people wrote about u just have courage in whatever u do dont mind your enemies whatever u do is just perfect u never go on da wrong path and I wish to be like u when I grow up u are a role model and I love u and love whatever u do keep it up.
Grishma raj praise his steps and motion. He is fantastic. He really rocks."
SUNEELThe utmost attraction of ur dance has in the beggenning ,the dancesteps even r so hard. I wanna learn this dance but it is too hard. The dance was really fantastic .I dont know how I praise u in the words. It's really o/s. I like ur hair style. Ur eys r also beautiful, ur spiral hair, I like most. Indeed I have become madly friend.
SUNEELU r the best. I like u most, even I am so earnest to meet u. I like ur performance in dhoom-2. The utmost matter to like u is ur dance.
VikasIt's nothing to say about Hrithiks dance but in this song I consider the dance of hrithik in this song the best after "Mai Aisa Kyun Hu" of lakshya.
SantoshHe is like monkey & his dance is like graping in field.
HafizahI like the song especially hrithik dance . you r the best hrithik I hope you will always be no1.
RaveeNothing to say about Hrithik's dance...He is something great...No one is greater than him,whether his dance, acting, style...Once Again HRITHIK is GREAT...He Is The ONE and the ONLY....
AshuHrithik is amazinz because I am the next hrithik so I like this song.
Vickyhritic like me in dhoom 2 movie he theft my personality.
Avinashlet's rock d dance floor again
SimranI dont have words to praise hrithik he is just mind blowing.
Lucky cool dance I want to download it he is amazing dancer.
VishalIts rocks baby. I never seen that type of song.
ChawanIn dhoom2 the title songs music is super.
Mahzenhrithik rocks dude. one thing I want to tell u guys that he copied my steps.
PankajThis is the most hilarious song I love it.
MihirPlease add some old classics.
AriffHey, Hritik you where owsome in DHOOM 2 movie I like when you sing the DHOOM AGAIN.
Sonia Hi like yor songs it's good hrithik and aishlike your songs they all wise be hit.
AdrianoThis video clip is outstanding! I really enjoyed watching it!
AnuThis song is an excellent. It ROCKS if I hear this song my feets tap but the problem is it take very slow to see.
MadushniCrasy Kiya Ray and Dhoom Again songs are sooooo! BEAUTIFUL thosen songs crazied us.
SadieOMG what a dance and what a movie it was! Luved it. Boy he's flexible ! DHOOM MACHALE DUGGU ROX U'R SoX.
Mayank GuptaHis dance was excellent.He is the rocking star
HelbinHiiiiii! I LOVE this songs and want to have thi's song I lovet pleasss!!!!!!!!!
Dhoomingupload upload frm singapore. I have nevr heard an american will comment about thiz sng..ait? nevrmind I must feed both of cats now..gtg.. n bye..
Dhoom2download, upload n overload.. which do u prefer? I wuld prefer upload coz it is much ezier nt like quite hard.
Jiji_sanellahi im jihane from morocco I like indian peaple and culture I don't have friends from india if some one intersting te be my freind (boys and girls) this is my mail.
Abhisyedhmm...y alot of people loves 2 comments?? I dont understand reali..BUT I ENJOYED listening to this music so much.. how about all of u comments? u can reply me by here.
DayanaThe dance is amazing n stlye.
DayanaTiz songs rox man! whatever it is, my onli comment is tat he is the best bollywood dancer n luks juz a hero! I mean bter den dat.
Dinalame werds realli uh...ppl juz duno hw 2 appreciate music..
Dinadiz songs rox....nice song realli..rock on!
Dinaman... hritik is so flexible..lurve his dance.
Saniahrithik u rock in dis song fantastic.
SunilIn this movie Bipasa Basu looking so beautiful, charming, slim, hot. Don't touch me Soniye is an excellent song especially the dance of Bipasa. Bipasa I Love U & You Leave Long.
HrithikroshnIt's me Hrithik Roshan, saying hi to all my frinds.
DigildavisI love hrithik, his dances is very very good in dhoom2.
PreethiWhat a fantastic song! I really appericiate hritiks performance in it.
Proxyyou just rocccck I love you, even my sister.
Wild catSuperb dance, good looks, hot and dashing what more to say. I just love u v v.v.v.v.v.v much. You are the best. I wanna meet you. It is not possible I know. hrithik roxxxxxx!
AshutoshI want make muscles like you.
AnkitHritik is like a rubber band
Amit thauliaI like it b'coz HRITHIK is the best in all respects.
Amit thauliaGreat performance. U r best HRITHIK.
SangeetaI love u hirthik I hope u will became a very famous star
Kumaranhrithik is rocking in dancing and anybody didnt dance like hrithik and hrithik is so cute and he is the best dancer in the india and I like hrithik very much.
Debolina I love this song very much. But it is no longer available.
ShivaniI just love this song and the way Hrithik dances is just fabulous. He is cool and smart.
RitaYalah, his body is so soft!
Lalpls the hindi songs thanka lal.
Rajesh BajajDhoom Again is an excellent song and it is possible for only Hrithik to dance that song....Style, Attitude, and making every body to listen once more.
Ninad_1991He's hot, he's superb dancer having maximum flexibility & I'm also tryying 2 perform his title song for my college spectrum & annual day. rhitik roxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
Sexy sunnyHey hrithik u hav done a superb job in this song kya sharukh kya abhishek only u only u.
RohitI can't Live Without watching hrithik's dance. thats what he is.
Talalhrithik is amazing.
AbdulI could not watch the song. How to play the song.
Mukund Hitik is one of the best actor of bollywood. Mind blowing I try to dance like hritik.
Ashmast mast hritik deserves to be in hollywood.
Sharyar KhanHirtik Roshin is perfact for any type of dance if you seeing mee so plz snd me your krishh flim on my id. I well be very thank full to you Ba byez.
RitikaJust wana tell Hrithik....Keep the spirit up 4 alwayz...coz u simply rokz in dis way....n All The Very BESt 4 ur future.....
Shobha kNo words to tell for ash and hri such beautiful films film should be like action my son nikhil loves that hri song.
deepanI like that song it cool thanks.
Ashish dubeyI like hritik because of his amazing dance quality and skills.
magadeerhritik is a really good dancer.
sheikhritik is a extraordinary performer.
nisar pashalike to watch more like this.
ImitiHritik is the Suuuuuper performer ever seen before like him.
AndrewssssPls add some classic song. Aish is so cute.
Ashishyou r 2 good, your style is defferent but your dance is outstanding.your my favorite dancer.
RajuGood song but unable to view.
ali khanhey this is a very nice hindi song .
naveen kumarvery nice songs.
jacquelinhi..hritik I like the way you dance, amazing man you are so flexible good move I love it. keep on rocking baby.
KamalDhoom again is a very gorgious song.
Ravi jangidI like ur dance very much .
manihi like this songs hritik is super hero.
karthikIt's mind blowing. Hritik and Aish just rock!
Alexenderhrithik rosan is very cool.
A.NUn très beau film avec des grands acteurs et danseurs surtout HRITHIK ROSHAN.
KarimIts too good.
vijayam crazy abt dis song.
SarojI like this song.
baladhoom 2 is a super movie I like that movie and hot aishwarya.
RATANmahul dance yaar hritik i like ur dancing I am big fan of u.
maheshhritik is a very beautiful dancer.
Dhoom 2Dhoom 2.
AhadCool dance cool body.
aarfau r the best dancer in bollywood love u hrithik.
Vijay pratap vikramI like this song too much .
balachandarhow to download this song.
shivanice I love hrutik.
sunil kumarhrithik roshan rockss.....
yasminI loved the song allot and hrithik is verry hot.
chelliehritik is the king of dance... like it...
LakshmichandranHai.hritik.u r so sweet.i like u r dance.u r realy handsome.
pramod kumar vermahrithik l like u and your personality is boom.
SischaI like Dhoom Again Video. I Like it so much..
DAMOLAHrithik Roshan I luv all ur movie dhoom 2 the most of it is kaho naa pyar hai.
Sanjayu overtaked even akshay kumar though this dance song.
SanthoshDhoom Again is Wantar fol song.
AshwinHey Hrithik, u r the best dancer in the world. Ur body is so fexible I am big fan of u man. Just waiting to see more in
shivambindas dance.
AavedI love Dance and Girls. Girls love Dancers.
SmzI like dhoom agin s6.
param ujjalhritik is my idol because I like dance.
tiarathis song make me wanna dance ,,,, I like dance.
Shabanamhrithik rocks in DHOOM 2.
AKASHDhoom again is a very fantastic and mind blowing song.
DevendraThis video are interesting.
rumiHritik u r gr8.
GirimallayyaIn this song hrithik dance is awersom and massive. I really like this , in i.e. Movie the scientific tech I like.
rakesh kandarihrithik u r awesome man I also learn dance from u....
ManuHrt is a rock star.
gaurav Cokevery good dance. Its a very speedy dance so very nice performance.
sachinWhat dance yar in this song. I miss ritik. sachin.
HritikDhoom again.
MosesI am coming 2 len ur step dance man.
ayan hritik your amazing love you.
Madhurima paulIts just awesome..i luv u hritwik u r jst awesome swthrt...
sarvesh rnhey my dance n look ,r little bit like u,,thnx 2 god ..............just join me on facebook,,,,,,sarvesh.
mahihritik you are perfect , nd my ideal.
nitinhritik is best dancer in bollywood & body is too flexible..
mat vfI'm very like when you acting in all the movie.
iqrahI like doom 2 it is the best movie I have seen..
RajathHrithik is very good actor . I'm hrithik fan.
DINILiam a big fan of yours.when you dance I believe no one can beat you.i want to become like you.........
manishWow man , hritik you are awesome...............
rohan royhe is just awesome.excellent dance by duggu.
KalluHritik looking sooo ausum in this dance I like to see that dance.
samadhe is very smart ,he has style.
ghanshyamHey, Hritik you are indian michael jackson.
tejjDhoom again dance is fentastic please dhoom again man.
saraHrithik I love u so much and I have seen every film for u keep moving on my hero. mujhse dosti karoge?
Fakhrul Hoq TalukdarMe b Hritik ki tarah dance sheikna chahta hu.......
asfaincredible steps.
AbdulAbsolutely I appreciate it.