Video: Yeh Mera Dil Pyar Ka Deewana

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Yeh Mera Dil Pyar Ka Deewana MP3 Don 2 songs jaaaaaaaaaan take my crore kiss jaan.
Alisheakareena is looking extra hot and cool with shahrukh from Alishea, a 9th standaRd student.
AnuragShe wears short dresses in most films and so looks so sxy.
Yo bagy That the house is getting HOT. I hope she can carry on. Good luck.
Yo bagyThis is a great song I and kareena is spicing the house it to little ashis. I think that she is bad.
AdrianoKareena is very beautiful and sensual. I just became a big fun of indian culture, music and dance.
Don 2yeh mera dil pyar ka deewana.
Ayushshe is a cat I alwayus love cats.
Khwahishacting queen looking real coollllllll but not the king.......exuse me..who r u dear...???
GumnaamSRK is looking very nice, smart, cool & handsom. Kareena is good but not like to SHAHRUKH.
BenaamWhat a song I have never listened such song really what a song what a stupid song.
Benaamkaiku pagal pagal video dalte re ek to sharuk hai aur ek kareena diwani hai dono milke ya hamare ku diwana banare nakko karo yaaro sharukh isa izaat kaiku nikallerai.
Rockyshe is hot as volcano.
Amitvery nice song. Karina fadoo actress
Vineet singhI luv kareena so much bcz she looking hot & beatiful. Hi bebo u r nice.
NaziyaThode ko hi ziyaada samjho kisi tarha se aapne sharam na beacho.
UDAAS AUARIAKareena is the best and the httest girl in the world.she is very beautiful.I love u bebo.
Mm.kapadiaI luv this song because kareena is my favorite. She is the best! this song is fabulous!
Vineet I luv kareena bcoz she is very hot & she is a hot personality.
Parmeshkareena tune to mery jan hi nikal di you are my dear dear star.
NadyMy second best movie of Kareena. She looks really hot in Yeh Mera Dil
AbdulHello all coment likhne walon apne bhabhi ke baare mei aise likhte aur soochne mei sharam nahi aati tumhe.
UshmaMy daughter Shivani(8)loves this song. Kareena looks very good.
NameeraKareena choty choty kapdoon main to koie bhi hot lag sakta hain baat to tab hogi jab full kapdey pahan ker dilo pe cha jaao kam kapdoo mein to bandariyaa bhi hot hi lgtii hain. sharam beach ker paise kaamana to koi film actress se pooche.
Nasergive this songs for download also for public support for your site.
ZafeerKareena should have shedded more clothes. Helen had shed more clothes than kareena.But she is too hot and also looking toooooooooooooooo hot. Didn't look like a love song as you dont make love wearing full clothes that too a don. If shahrukh was don then he should have removed all the clothes of kareena. But leaving picturisation everything is good.
SHRADDHAIn this song I don't like kareena and I dont like this song I like shahrukh only.
ManishkaI luv this song because kareena is my favorite. She is the best! this song is fabulous!
ManishkaThe song yeh mera dil pyar ka deewana is the best song from the movie.
UshmaMY daughter Jaini(5) loves this song very much.
ShalieI am from Maldives. I love this song.
Uzbekistan it is best film of SRK.
ShahidHow dare u all write about my fiancy.
SamiraKareena is looking beautiful and she always is.
Sobia hinaI want a don movie song.
AYAZHey plz don see kareena in such a way. I will marry her n take away with me forever and ever..........SHEZ MINE!
vivekI like it.
AviIt is realy good I like kareena.
hifsa ambreen luv this soondg she's so hot!!!!!
BharatLaajawab sharoo.
basitkareena is looking very very hooooooooooot in Yeh Mera Dil.
QayyumKareena kapoor looking very hot and in short dress.
NishantKareena thighs make me go wild...and she is looking like a seductress here.
shrutikareena u r super hot n vivacious in this u.
vijaychammak challo song bahut accha hai.
Bharath Kareena kapoor was so hot. my name bharath Degree first year student.