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Kajra Re Kajra Re MP3 Bunty Aur Babli songs

UpenThis is very 3rd class song like mujra.....?
Sabakool!I really wish I cud dance wd her or like her...
EmalIt is realy nice song thanks from Aishwaria.
Chander This song is ultimate.
DivyaAll credit goes to alisha.
AnuOne of the good song in Aish movies. Aish is very cuteeeeeeee! In this song. I am from benglore.
AngelA very nice song for me I really enjoyed the song (nice couples).
RajVery composition n very good pictriation, also combination of amitabh , abhishet n aishwaria.
OmI love this song and I like Amitabh he is still really loving and handsome person. We love him so much
NagarajanThis song is very nice to listen. music is really nice.
Shailesh Jodi No. 1 Abhishek & ashwariya Good & best song.
ChinmayeeThis song is brilliant I feel most gratful to youtube and india-station.
YuanWhoever doesn't like this song, well they can go fly a kite. its the best song ever!!
YuanWow!! What a song, its the best song ever.. I even know the dance moves to it, it such an energetic, beautiful song.. Love Ash too.. very sexy yaar!!
RinkyIt is d worst song I ve ever seen..
SubhraThis song is very according to me it is soooooooooooo much irritating......
OmIts too good looking, when Amit ji was dancing like a Young Boy, Still he is so energetic.
Pramodash meri badi bahan jaisi hai.
Hitesh maruI want to listen remix song e. g. I chose to hear kajara re.
S m oThis song I love it. You now what we are dancing to this song on feb 9 2008 for a party of 80 people that's how much we love it. Can you belive it? We can! do you know what s m o stands for stephanie & mitchelle & oshini.
RajeshThis songs verry verry good my all freinds like it.
Rajesh The song is picturised in a very good way that it can be played on celebrity occasion like marriages birthdays etc.
Amritaabhi looks so cute in this movie!!!
K GFirst of all she is beautiful and the way she danced was fantastic.
Samash's eyes are the same as the eyes of girl I like so I love this song.
NishithaThis song is rocking
Sonya It is the excelent song. Every person are good. Aishwaria is the best.
Nenavery cute, don't know what they are saying but it is very entertaining and it kept my interest.
REINA I do not like the song but I like performance it is GOOD!!!
LilyThis song is great I luv the video!!
Rabinow it's a family affair in advance.
Anish MalikAsh and Abhishek well cupple in hope to god well future their and bollywood hottest girl Priyanka Chopra.
Bol na halkejhoom barabar jhoom
NellieI love it, anything with Abhishek I luuuve.
BalrajIts lovely song and nice dance by all.
Rashulovely song, ghoom hoo jaye yek pal ke liye iss nachneki duniya mein... let's rock.
Mercurywonderful aish . what a beautiful expressions
Rohit kumarPerformance is much better the music.......anyway music and dance and dress. ROCKING.
InvisibleI love this video I even like to dance it pop it pop it.
SweetyI love this song and I like Amitabh he is still really loving and handsome person. We love him so much.
Motya &sukhaWhenever I hear ths song I feel I m dancing with limbu.
Avanti&omkarWhen I see ths song I feel as langadi is dancing...
PruthashreysI see Prutha in ash when she is dancing...
SHAFIIt is very best n fanatastic vedio. I m shafi from Pakistan.
Nilesh Abhishek & ash look good.
FidaI love her anything I mean aishwerya.
Suresh kumarI am daily watching this song very nice realy. I am from punjab working in kuwait as logistic manager.
Hashenchanting, superb, bewitching, but beauty may be in the eye of the beholding.
Amit dpccAish and amit ji are the best actors.
NashSo that why abhishek fell in love and marry Aish. Poor and lucky fellow have not been able to resist her eyes
GurlzI just love it. The performence are mind blowiing.
Nana3456It's a good song but is too long I get tired of listen it.
ArunI like this song especially with Abishek and Big B with charming girl Aishwarya and the dance combination by three of them is really good.
ArvaI like very much the indian songs. Aishwarya Rai is number one. I like her.
Rupesh gIt is evergreen song for me.
Raju DasI Very Like This Song.
sannayes I love that song ah she looks pretty and sorry I have no speakers but I heared it in my cousins house I loved it.
sannaI love her songs and shes so pretty.
sannahuh I wish I saw her for real life she is so bueatiful.
sannaI love her... and she looks so ppppprrrrreeeetttttyyyyyyyy beautiful. I mean so do you even like her? if you dont why did you watch it and why did comment? uh ses so pprreettyy pretty I meant ho, im just kidding. I know you love her so do I but look it says Hrithik kisses Aishwarya and it says Aiswarya Rai in Binki. see!!?
Kajra Ra kajra Kajra Re.
hennahha she looks prety beuatiful I mean.
sannahe guys I loved. I enjoyed it with popcorn LOL!!!!! its FUNNY hu? o I wish I had the movie of it but iv wached it in TV. LOVED IT!!!!! so um I know ha she is pretty.
AkhtarVery beautiful song,
sasmita beheraI love this song.i will saw it 1000...times.
Divyaw ww what wow beautiful. hell no babe.
munnawhen I see him, in his body I like his hot navelllll
munnibuddha bachchan abhi bhi jawan hai.
mavis my friend will dance on Kajra Re song at a wedding .I love amitabh and his moves ..
Hareeshbabu are the only one whom can make this song's picturization this much pretty as well as sexy....
AnuSpeculations around Aishwarya's delivery has been on time. It is because earlier it was believed that probably Aishwarya and Abhishek Bachchan wanted to opt for a c-section so as to make the delivery happen on 11.11.11a rare date.
bunty aur bablikajre re kajre re tera k.
NatashahAsh is so beautiful -you are very nice and cute. you are a good actress and pretty girl. yours eyes are so beautiful. your hair is so shiny and silky. I love your hair, eyes and lips. ASH and Abi are good couple but Salman and Ash are very nice and beautiful couple.
NiharNice understanding between Father and Son..!!!