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Title/Movie: Kaho Naa Pyar Hai

HoneyDid hritik roshan actually sing this song? and all the other songs on the list? I really want to find out if he is a singer Thankz.
AKANKSHAHrithik is awesome. Hrithik is the best actor after Shahrukh Hrithik is the best match with Amisha Patel Hrithik looks like a cool dude. Hrithik has the best muscles. Hrithik is very cute.
VenkateshHindi mp3 songs.
AKANKSHAIt's an awesome movie. Its one of my personal favorite movie.not only this Hrithik is one of my favorite hero after Hhahrukh Khan. He is the best match with amish patel. I expect 1000s of movies starring Amisha and Hrithik.
HemantItz very gud muvie :-) ..
ShowponKaho naapyar hai.
NishantLovely songes of a super duper hit bollywood movie really.
AsadThis song I want to listen.
Kaho na pyarkaho ma pyar hai
RakeshNa tum jaano na hum.
Kaho Naa PyKaho Naa Pyar Hai.
DiveshI just love hrithik and his movies. I might be the biggest fan of knph and hrithik.
SabaIt is really enjoyable song.
SaniaOne of the best bollywood movie.
ajitvery nice hindi songs.
hrithik roshanineed your songs
AliKaho na pyar hai song is too good.
rieykaho naa pyar hai is very2 good song n movie.
Ek pal ka jinaBuy.
ajitI like this flim.
MangeshHirtik u r superb and u r the no. 1 actor.
PadmiThe strong love story.
Hrthik Roshan & AmisKaho na pyar hai.
suhaibit is a cute luv story.
sanaullahgud song .
anukaho na pyar hai I like you film.
AtashiHe is my darling. I love him so so much. His danceing style is to good awsum.
FátimaEu aprecio muito a cultura indiana, e os indianos mais ainda como pode ter um homem que parece um anjo como hrithik roshan sem comentarios que Deus o abençoe ele e toda sua familia, bjus.
YuliaI like to you hritik and I love you so much hritik is the best.
FátimaI really appreciate the Indian culture, and the Indians may have even more as a man who looks like an angel without Hrithik Roshan comments may God bless him and his entire family, bjus..
nie chandragood job.
Kaho na pyar haiDownload.
Md: ali azamThe move is very nice. my first hindi movie is kaho na pyar hai.
midhaI am frm tamilnadu but I love hindi movies. I love hrithik very much ......... I love tiz movie too.
ShamNa tum jaano na ham video songs.
Kahona pyar heJandman janeman.
Song and video hrithKaho na pyar hai.
Pyar ki kashti meiVideo.
RONYI Love these Songs.
Sunil dawanBest song, best dance.
AmitparmarKaho Naa Pyar Hai songs are very nice and wonder full.
Kaho naa pyar haiDil ko pukara.
mintuwhy I cant see this song.
MukeshHrithik is excellent. and india no1 actor.
Sunilsingh199083@yahKaho na pyar ek mast love story hai.
soneye taiwo anikeall the Kaho Naa Pyar Hai songs were very sweet, lov u khan.......
kirtiplease meet me.
KaranHrithik roshan is my favorite actor and kaho naa pyar hai is my favorite movie.
avijitKaho Naa Pyar Hai is the best movie I ever seen.
Akhtar aliI enjoy this film and songs.
santha chacha bahoI love u Hrithik Roshan........... I love u so much....
KamaleshHritik is my fav actor. He is a KOHINOOR diemond on bollywood industry.
shrutiI Love this movie.dedicate this movie to all the lovers in the world.thank u...
hasimMy favourite dancing heroooo sooo cutee filmmmmm.
Riyavery good flim.i love hrittik roshan.
VijayI like this most.
Mangesh RajbhojKaho na pyar hai. Na tum jano na hum. number one film.Hrithik is the best actor.
SaiathI like hrithi dance.
AmitDownload kahona pyar hai video songs.
KomalI like kaho na pyaar hai songs.
sachinwhen I m see, listen the song NA TUM JANO NA HUM all my love feelings that movment & I m going awy my love dreams . . . . .
priyankaI love rhutik,his dance is most fantastik,his kaho na pyar hai film is my favroute.i dont say in words his action.
Rania KhadarEk pal ka jeena song is very meaningful. Hritik u r simply out of dis world.
Jay ahirwarDil ne dil ko pukara.
maineI love Kaho Naa Pyar Hai movie and the heartfelt acting by Hrithik playing both parts. I have watched this movie over a dozen tmes and next to Jddhaa Akbar this is by far my best movie. I Love seeing him act, he puts so much emotion into his characters that I feel it all. HOPE TO SEE MORE LIKE THIS#1 American Fan.
ttwhat id the name of the Techno song the part where Neeta at the house.
sohail khanevery song of the film is very romantic...and I like that.
amit goyal this is the fantastic movie whenever I see this movie it gives me inspiration.
chotyWhen here song I remember my real love that is shmrat I feel this song for we only eligible lovers.
Suresh khaklaryI like all the films of hrithik roshan because of he was a cool hero and hrithik is the best dencer in bollywood actor I love him verry verry.
shruti Ohh..dats so so good music....Hritik love youhhh...........
Hrithik and Amishakaho na pyar hai videos.
Kaho naa pyar hai . Pyar ki kashti mei .song Video moves.
MirzaHritic is good acter.after salman,he is the tiger of bollywood. He has amazing dance in ek pal ka jeena I like him,he is a one dancer in bollywood.
GobindaI Like Kaho naa pyaare hai, Ek pal ka geena.
karan chopraI like all movie of hrithik roshan.Naturally his dance is apsolotly currect.I like his dance.
KHONA PYAAR HAIek pal ka jeena hamko hai jaana tofa kya.
deepak pinki patelI love hrithik..... you are my god! aap dance ke baap ho.
abdul It is my best of the best movie.
umair shaikhkaho naa pyar hai..