Video: You are my Soniya

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You are my Soniya MP3 Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham songs

PrinkyaKareena looks stunning in the dance.
Sonuplease watdh this song you are my sonia.
SonuHrithik looked by very hot & handsom.
RahulHey What`s up!? Anjali where ever you are now - you re my sonyia and I love you forever!! And Hrithik + Kareena great job!! Bye Rahul.
Danishkareena beloved I can't but I have I love you.
Danishkareena kapoor I love you main tum say shadi karna chata hoon.
SuriyaI like them both. They are my favorite....
ALIA AMIEYAI love them. They're hot! Expecially hrithik. He's cute and handsom. You're my sonyia.
Mana bashiHi hrithik I love your song you are my soniya ilove that song and I love your dance.
DuniyoHi my name is duniyo. I like your video. You are my soiya and bole chudiyan.
Henrietta Sorock Kareena and Hrithik I love it.
SalmoI like the actor and the actress we like the and singers too.
MalabuI like the song and singers too.
HibaqIt is good to listen it.
Abhilasha looking gourgeous.
AbhialshaWhat should I say?!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to kiss her love you kareena from abhilasha
Deqo ahmedkabhi khushi kabhie game.
RohitI love this hindi song and music.
shambhaviFirst of all I love this film and all the hindi songs and all film actors.
Blu ray tbtBlu ray.
ahmedtres jolie.
Deepak krrishnaDownload this.
rajdeepyou are the best actor that I like the most.
yusufkaHirithik looks very handsome and strong.
AshwinI like kareena dance.
barbeeboth kareena and hrithik looks fabulous in this song and the dance of both of them was mindblowing......its really awe-some....
NikkiI can already tell that it is gonna be super hit.
joyHrithik looked so handsome n Kareena is so stunning.
shashikaRithik looked by very handsom & sweet.
hemanta kuilaHi hrithik I am hemant your fan, you are a good dancer,good actor & so handsome.