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Saibo - Shor In The City MP3 Hits of 2010 songs

Shor in the citySaibo.
sohrab khan lovely songs mindblowing.
KiranShreya Ghoshal means SWEET voice and deserves a round of applause. Lovely poetry & icing on the cake. I looked everwere for what it Was called then someone told me is is Saibo. This song has gotten me through through a lot of tough times. Even if you dont understand it, if it makes you smile, thats all that matters. I like the moment when Tochi Raina started singing.
AnujMy God! I can hear it 1000 times in a row.... awesome lyrics.
SonaliI have no words to explain my feelings what I felt on listening this song ... its very very touching. It is amazing melodious song one can endure and can keep on listening round the clock. Shor in the City is the best film of 2011. Its got everything going for it and shows that you dont need stars for a good film - just the content helps. India is truly producing good content.
Riya SharmaTochi Raina voice adds that special element this song.
DeepamI agree, I think I contributed half the views lol :).
PrachiI dont understand Hindi but like this kind of bollywood stuff. What does shor mean? Good to see Tushar Kapoor doing some serious acting rather than acting like a bafoon in the Golmaal series.
HindiIt is remarkable how lyrist and the composer come up with great hits many times.
ShreyaShreya Ghosal is taking away all the business.
MeghaShreya sounds so innocent and playful in this song.