Video: Jab Chaaye Tera Jaadu (Hattrick)

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Jab Chaaye Tera Jaadu (Hattrick) MP3 Hits of 2007 songs

Watch videoAashiq banaya apne.
ManuGood song.
Pratap royPlease give me this video.
HattrickRimi gets intimate with Kunal Kapoor.
JoshiGood hot song.
HattrickJab Chaye mera Jadu koi bachh na paye. Phoolo ki narami houn mei, sholo ki garami hoon mei.
saraI like the kiss part.
Ashish RundaVery good.
Sona LahriJab Chaaye Tera Jaadu is very hot romantic song.
HattrickI want to listen the best music of hattrick.
sebsibethanks for the clip.
SACHIN SAINI am very big fain of imran hashmi I like her super sexey seciral kissing. I want to meat imran hashmi?and I want make as imran hashmi?
farman I am farman you remix songs u again mi up and download place.