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Title/Movie: Bang Bang

Louise SmithIt's a great video. Hritik should make a guest appearance on the American So You Think You Can Dance. A dance crew came in first dancing to the music of Dhoom 2 using most of his moves. I would love to see him in some North American productions. I am looking forward to Bang Bang coming out with English subtitles. Looks great!.
rimayaTo play the music of bang bang.
nandlal dasMy best hero hritik.
nandlal Bang bang like by me.
Bithi ojnaI love both of u so much ur chemisty was owasome form bangladesh.
ashish kumar kavshalmy best heroine kattrina kaf.
rehmanout class yar dhamaaal kr dia.
prashanth kumartnks for bang bang.and I love hritik roshon....
bang bang all aduioBang bang all audio.
Saraj JallohI Love India So Much That Is All I Can Say.
Indian song videoIndian song video.
Hindi audiovery nice.