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Jadoo Jadoo MP3 Koi Mil Gaya songs

rajBhool na jana.
RajuI like Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin music.
prernaawesome song..which everyone loves to hear, I think.
fizan good working for the diector and hard worked to that film.
agnipanthAbhimujme kahi.
SatishI think this songs best.
manoj kumar jainthlovely song.
JitendraThis is a best song.
agneepath Hrithik ilike u. u looking so nicc. u do better flim like agneepath, krish. we waiting for ure next flim.real actors.
dhruvil soniAbhi mujh mein kahih is the really beautiful song from agneepath.
ravithank for the lovely songs.
somnath lalgeIt has no challange it is a touch song I like it toooooo... muchhh...
AnuAmitabh Bachchan doing a Hindi version was most of the charming in the first version of Agneepath. In this trailer, Hritick just seems to get beaten up a lot.