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Full Volume MP3 Thank You songs

Full VolumePyar tera pyar mera mujhe khinche teri aur. Tera naam lekar dil karata hai shor. Aa pyar kare hum full volume.
Thank Youfor putting this song online, I love this website.
ManuAkshay Kumar has done very nice job in the movie Thank You.
Dr KhanKeep it up Akki, pyar do pyar lo.
SeemaI love Akashay Kumar.
RojaPlease upload full version of full volume from Thank You movie.
Divi Full Volume issssssss very niceeeeee song , and even my favorite is only & only Akshay Kumar ... Thanks .....
Pyar do pyar loI think it's very hot song and I love akshay so I like it...... Vikrant.
ans best of luck.
meSuperior thinking demonstrated above. Thanks!
JayFull Volume is a good song.
ANS,sBest of luck.
Marieso nice.
princiFull Volume song is very good.
yashwantI also like akshay kumar and Full Volume song like charge my life.
RANA GhoshFull Volume is very nice.
A.pradeep kumarFull Volume Nice song.
RohitI love this song.... haa har ghadi har pahar har disa me tum ho.
shraddha helekarwhen husband cheat there wives then ...........
AudioNew Panjabi pop songs.
thank yourazia gundo me phas gayi.
Pyar tera pyar teraAkshay kumar,sonam.